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methods of research

The research is organised in a pyramidal way, in different geographical areas of the world.

For each area, representative nations (or regions) will be selected and a National Cohordinator has been identified. Each National Cohordinator will control and collaborate with different national centres (Universities or  Research Institutes) at the project. Adhesion to the project of the national centres will be documented by a letter of intent signed by the principal investigator of each centre.

The first level of analysis regards the evaluation of data within each nation. Once the national data have been completed and encoded, they will be grouped in the Area Chapters (North America, South America, Africa,  Europe, China, Corea, India).

The second level of analysis will be oriented to the specific transcultural aspects like demographic and racial characteristics.

Finally, within the third level of analysis, all the data will be pooled together and analyzed by the General Cohordinator in a world survey.

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