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General Coordinator:

V. Guidetti (Italy)



Area coordinators:


Africa: T. Haile-Gebremariam (Ethiopia), C. Triki (Tunisia)

Asia: S. Yu (China), K. H. Lee  (Korea), T. Takeshima (Japan)

Central & South America: M. Arruda (Brasil)

Central Europe: C. Wober-Bingol (Austria)

East Europe: V. Farkas (Hungary)

India: P. Singhi (India)

Italy: C. Termine

North America: A. Hershey, A. Rapoport (USA)

Middle East: A. Ozge (Turkey)

Russia & Neighborhood: V. Osipova (Russia)

West Europe: T. Steiner (Great Britain)



National coordinators:


Africa: T. Haile-Gebremariam (Ethiopia), Z. Laaouina (Morocco), C. Triki (Tunisia)

Asia: S. Y. Yu (China), T. Takeshima (Japan), K. H. Lee (Korea)

Central & South America: A. Schteinschneider (Argentina), L. Barrea (Brasil), V. Baltzer (Chile), F. Ruiz Miyares (Cuba), J. Martinez Aguilar (Mexico)

Central Europe: C. Wober-Bingol (Austria), D. Gerber (Germany)

East Europe: I. Patcheva (Bulgaria), V. Farkas (Hungary), M. M. Wysocka-Bąkowska (Poland)

India: P. Singhi

Italy: C. Termine

Middle East: M. Watemberg (Israel), A. Ozge (Turkey)

North America: J. Dooley (Canada), A. Hershey and A. Rapoport (USA)

Russia & Neighborhood: N. Kapadnaze (Georgia), V. Osipova (Russia), V. Garib (Uzbekistan)

West Europe: J.C. Cuvillier (France), T. Steiner (Great Britain), J. Bruijn (Holland)





Chief: F. Lucchese

Data analysis and EMR: F. Lucchese , M. Capezzone, C. Saracini, I. Venturini

Test Validation: A. Orsini, L. Pezzuti, R. Cerutti

Medical and Psychology evaluation: B. Bellini, E. Salvi

Epidemiology: M. S. Cattaruzza

Pedagogy: F. Bocci

Medical Anthropology: G. Schirripa

Legal consultant: G. M. Vianello

Communication and dissemination: F. Costantini

Webmasters and database: C. Saracini, R. Capuzzi



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